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Come and meet the Centre A.M.I. team!

The Centre A.M.I. is a team of bilingual professionals committed to meeting the various employability needs of job seekers. Do you really want to succeed in your job search? We can offer you a wide range of services designed to help you on your career path.

Having acquired considerable and solid experience in the field of employability, our organization, Le Centre A.M.I., has developed a panoply of bilingual services under two main aspects:

  • On the one hand, support for individuals in their job search; and
  • On the other hand, a service for businesses.

About us


Center A.M.I. support en intégration et aide à l'emploi is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting job seekers in their search for employment. It offers individual counseling and job search workshops. The employment integration service provides a dual approach, since it will also be offered to companies that are separating from their employees for X reasons, and would like to provide them with a job search consultant or coach.

Our organization, located in Dorval, mainly serves the West Island. Our prices are competitive and we offer services in both official languages.

Center A.M.I. profile

Having acquired considerable and solid experience in the field of employability, our organization, Le Centre A.M.I. support en intégration et aide à l'emploi, offers a wide range of bilingual services in two main areas:

  • on the one hand, as a Coach Mentor for people seeking support in their job search.
  • on the other hand, as a consultant, for companies wishing to entrust us with employees who have been laid off or dismissed for various reasons.

Our experience has enabled us to adapt to the new realities of the job market and emerging technologies. We can provide guidance to employees who need support in their job search.

Whatever your field of expertise, we can help you integrate a new job.


Our goal

The goal of the Centre A.M.I. is to facilitate the integration of our clientele who feel lost in the job market. We use an active listening approach, allowing the client to express himself, so that together we can find successful solutions. Our primary goal is to help our clients return to the job market by training and informing them about new job search techniques.

Target clientele

The clientele eligible for our services is general. You are eligible if you fall into one of the following categories:

  • Were you on maternity leave?
  • Were you on sick leave?
  • Have you had a work accident?
  • Have you been laid off or dismissed?
  • Want to learn job search techniques?
  • We can help!

Employment follow-up

Once the candidate has found a job, our A.M.I. Center advisors remain available to continue helping you, as we know the difficulties you may encounter before the job becomes secure or permanent.

We also keep in touch with candidates and organize 5/7 meetings to keep them up to date with job market news.

Our values


  • Experience: our team has over 25 years' experience in employability, offering high-quality service and personalized support to the community.
  • Team spirit: we collaborate mutually with our customers, employers, and team in complete confidentiality.
  • Respect: courtesy, discretion, and active listening.
  • Fairness: We are fair and objective.
  • Integrity: Honesty prevails in our environment.
  • Governance: Planting a seed for others' future.

Our services

Employment assistance services tailored to your needs


  • Information session, depending on the customer's choice and the number of people wishing to participate in group workshops.
  • Skills transfer and Curriculum Vitae
  • Hidden market, Internet, social media
  • Interviewing, organization, and stress management


  • One-on-one meetings, minimum (10) hours to familiarize the customer with job market expectations.
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • CV and cover letter writing
  • Translation from French to English and vice versa
  • Skills assessment
  • Job offers and skills analysis
  • Interview simulation
  • Increasing CV visibility

Services for businesses

  • We provide you with a job posting service.
  • We offer you an employee pre-selection service: once mandated, we carry out the interview and pre-selection process
  • You need to terminate an employment contract and want to offer the employee a private employment support service. We can help guide them through the process, so that they feel less alone.


Overview of our workshops

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  • 2020 Trans Canada Route Suite #107
  • Dorval, QC H9P 2N4
  • Tel: (514) 502-0224
  • E-mail:

Opening Hours

  • Monday to Friday
  • 9:00 am to 5:00 pm